E-Learning FAQs

This page answers most of the common queries that we receive. We hope this page helps you with your learning programs.


Please Note:

We will probably ignore those emails with questions which are clearly covered in this page. This page will be updated contineously. Thanks for your understanding and wishing you  a constructive learning experience on our E-Leanring Platform.


1. What can I do on the CAREC Institute E-Learning Platform?

The CAREC Institute is an intergovernmental organization contributing to the CAREC Program through knowledge generation and capacity building. We provide recordings of all our online institutional activities as well as home-made videos and data graphs to those interested in for educational purposes. Visitors of CI E-Learning Platform could access all the learning materials for free.


2. Why do I need an account?

We encourage visitors to sign up for CI E-Learning Platform to involve in the full-cycle of capacity building events. Though watching the videos and accessing the material requires no sign-in, you will need to sign in when leaving your comments, requesting for workshop certificates, or accessing some internal learning modules.


3. How do I request for a workshop certificate?

The CAREC Institute issues certificates for some certain workshops. Visitors will need to finish watching the videos and click on the “Go to Evaluation” button in the “Certification” tab. After completing the survey and successfully passing the quiz, you will obtain a certificate from the CAREC Institute.


4. Is my certificate a real one?

The CAREC Institute issues certificates with traceable ID number. Visitors will be able to verify certificate from our verification portal.


5. I passed the quiz, but the certificate never comes.

Usually, the certificate will be issued and sent to user’s email address once she/he passes the quiz. However, we do understand there could be a non-delivery accident. In that case, please send an email to elearning@carecinstitute.org and indicate which workshop you are involved in. We will take care of that.


6. Why can’t I find my certificate from the verification portal?

You will be able to verify your certificate from the portal  three working days after receiving a certificate from the CAREC Institute. It could take longer during holidays. However, we have records of all certificate information, your certification records will certainly be archived at the portal. Please send an email to elearning@carecinstitute.org if your certificate couldn’t be found in two weeks.


7. What’s the time zone of the platform?

Please note that all time indicated on CI E-Learning Platform refers to UTC+8 time.