Effective Public Service Delivery and E-Governance: The Case of Azerbaijan


Digital technology is the fundamental driver of change in today’s world facing unprecedented challenges posed by the COVID-19. During the pandemic, the economic and social resilience of economies depended a lot on the level of their digitalization. It became evident that countries investing in digital technologies are doing much better in providing essential services to citizens such as government services, online education, healthcare services, and supporting businesses. Looking ahead, digital technologies will play an even bigger role in building more resilient, prosperous, and inclusive economies.

This webinar is a knowledge-sharing event for a wider audience. The event provided a platform for speakers from SAPSSI, the IsDB, the CAREC Institute and the ADB to share experiences and expertise in the field of digital development, focusing on e-government services and SMEs development.

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  1. This is the first joint webinar CI and IsDB organized.

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