Webinar 3: Epidemiology Experiences and Health Security Planning


This webinar series provides an overview of the current international understanding of the COVID-19 epidemiology. This understanding is evolving almost daily, as highlighted by the high level, evidence-based information updates published regularly by the WHO and CDC and others, which will be accessed and used during this webinar. This reflects a continuous change in our understanding of this disease while also illustrating how international science in medicine is built on principles of data and information-sharing.

The webinar mini-series provides an overview of the most relevant concepts in epidemiology. In addition to theory, we will dive deeper into the practical understanding of COVID-19 transmission using epidemiological terms. The webinars will reflect how these parameters combine together, their relevance for planning preventive and containment measures and for making rational planning decisions on healthcare capacity and preparedness.

The webinars also aim to give participants the opportunity to review what the epidemiology means for vulnerable groups and how these groups’ needs are evolving under the pandemic. This includes gender issues, issues regarding groups with high-risk to develop complications due to pre-existing conditions, as well as needs from the perspective of socioeconomic vulnerability.

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