Country-Specific Workshop on Road Asset Management – Azerbaijan


On September 6, 2022, the CAREC Institute, in partnership with the ADB, launched a four-day Road Asset Management (RAM) workshop for Azerbaijan. This is the Institute’s first hybrid workshop since the global outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic – bringing together (physically and virtually) leading national experts with extensive experience in the road sector, including national senior officials, researchers, road authorities, and international consultants. The multi-session workshop was developed on the basis of the CAREC Institute’s RAM maturity assessment of the CAREC countries conducted in 2021. The workshop aims to conduct a country review of the RAM implementation and further skills development of participants on asset data collection, management and maintenance. During the workshop, participants will learn about greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from road traffic and measures to combat them, as well as how to prepare a country-specific greenhouse gas emission reduction plan through enhanced RAM. The workshop help build groups of national asset managers in each CAREC country, and ultimately throughout the CAREC region, who can support each other in RAM and promote collaboration in the form of a committed community of practices.

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