Unlocking Private Investment for Sustainable Infrastructure


Trillions of fund is demanded for sustainable infrastructure investment over the next decade to maintain growth momentum, eradicate poverty, and address climate change in the CAREC region. The increasing investment demand is in the energy, transportation, telecommunications, and water and sanitation sectors among others. Given limited public financing in most CAREC countries, the introduction of innovative measures to attract private sector capital will be crucial to overcoming the region’s infrastructure financing shortfall.

Attracting institutional investors such as insurance companies and pensions, which are characterized by long-term investment horizons of 10-20 years, will be particularly important to large-scale infrastructure development. Similarly, it will be important to address banks’ propensity to invest in short- to medium-term projects consistent with the structure of their assets and liabilities.

To this end, the CAREC Institute in collaboration with the Asian Development Bank Institute will host this policy workshop. The event will highlight the indispensable roles of infrastructure in economic development in supporting and enriching livelihoods in Asia, particularly in the CAREC region. Experts will also identify innovative measures of attracting private investment in sustainable infrastructure and engage in discussions with policymakers from the region to raise awareness of future challenges and opportunities surrounding investment for sustainable infrastructure.

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