CAREC Road Safety and Sustainable Mobility Course: Module 1 – Road Safety Management


Welcome to the Road Safety Management module of the Online Learning Platform of the CAREC Road Safety and Sustainable Mobility Course.

Please watch the welcome video to this module above from Dave Shelton, Senior Transport Specialist (Road Safety) at the Asian Development Bank:

In this module you will benefit from training materials, video training courses and content focused on the following topics relevant to safer road users:

  • Introduction to Road Safety and the Safe System Approach
  • The Role of the Lead Agency
  • Data Systems to Inform Road Safety Management
  • Road Safety Management – Case study from Mongolia

The module presents these with both video recordings of webinars and with downloadable copies of presentations. Please access both to fully engage in the content.

The video recordings can be found via the list at the top right of this page with each session listed. Just click the different videos to see the full session.

The presentations can be found through the ‘Materials’ button above. Please click here to access all of the presentations for this module.

Please access these modules and find ways to utilize the knowledge and resources within your ongoing work.

The in-person workshop in February 2024 will also have a focus on road safety management to follow up on these online sessions.

  • pdf Introduction to Road Safety and the Safe System Approach English Russian
  • pdf The Role of Lead Agency Download
  • pdf Data Systems Download
  • pdf Mongolia Case Study Download
  • pdf A Systematic Cost-Benefit Analysis of 29 Road Safety Measures Download
  • other Promising road safety measures based on cost-benefit analyses Download
  • other Guide for Road Safety Interventions: Evidence of What Works and What Does Not Work Download

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