Chinese Best Practice in Cross-border E-commerce Session 14


In this session, we have two speakers.

Ms. Xue Hairong talks about cross-border e-commerce compliance and the new pattern of cross-border e-commerce enabled by digital payment.

Ms. Ai Jun interpretes the very popular concept “Digital transformation” and its challenges, paths and suggestions. In his point of view, the digital economy is developing in three trends, going online, networking and intellectualization.


  1. when is the mid term quiz scheduled ?

    1. We will have it finalized very soon. Thank you for your attention!

  2. also please clarify is it possible for the applicant to check which answers are wrong and which are right in the quizz…

    1. We have provided unlimited attempts for each quiz, so we will not provide such information to you, thank you.

  3. Thanks for the reply.
    Yea I realised that after posting the comment. Tried to delete the it but couldn’t then. Sorry for that.
    Unlimited attempts is a very good idea.

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