Analyzing Infrastructure Impacts in Asia Through Big Data: Socioeconomic Spillover Assessment


The webinar examines new, big data-based research on infrastructure’s socioeconomic spillover effects and measures for optimizing them to mobilize private investment growth within the sector.

  • pdf Using Data to Analyze Impact and Spill Over of Investment on Communities Download
  • pdf Keynote: ICT and Labor Mobility: Online Search and Prediction of Remittances in Kyrgyzstan Download
  • pdf Discussion Takahiro Yabe Download
  • pdf Spatial Development in the Greater Mekong Subregion Download
  • pdf Comments: Spatial Analysis SDG Download
  • pdf Market Access and Firm Performance Download
  • pdf Evidence Based on GIS Analysis of Road Network & Manufacturing Plant Data of India Download
  • pdf Keynote: Socio-economic Spillover Effect of Digital Communications Infrastructure in India and Big Data Possibilities Download
  • pdf Cost Benefit Analysis of Spillover tax revenues of infrastructure case study of High-Speed Railway in Asia Download
  • pdf Macroeconomic Aspects of Infrastructure Investment and its Application to Specific Projects Download
  • pdf Discussion Shu Tian Download
  • pdf Managerial Lessons in the COVID Era: Infrastructure Investment and City Development Download
  • pdf Discussion Daisuke Watanabe Download
  • pdf The Socioeconomic Impact of land Use Policy and Metro Investment in Urban India: Through Remote Sensing Floor Area Ratio Detection Download
  • pdf Discussion Takahiro Yabe Download

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