Enabling A Conducive Environment for the Digital Economy in the Kyrgyz Republic Module 0


Background to the “enabling a conducive environment for e-commerce” course

This “enabling a conducive environment for e-commerce” has been developed for the Kyrgyz Republic has been developed with a view to inform and provide tools to government officials, entrepreneurs and businesses to enable them to connect to the global community.

As countries become more and more integrated into the global economy using the internet, the proposition for those countries and communities to be part of the wealth and prosperity of these opportunities will become more important. Not only will participation in the global economics enable countries, but also their prevalent communities will benefit from being able to sell their products on the global market.

Despite the continuous growth, some countries face enormous challenges, such as infrastructure deficits, inequitable access to basic services, lack of housing, traffic congestion, various types of pollution, and increasing impacts from climate change, among others. Local agencies and institutions are also struggling to keep pace with capacity and efficiency of their operations. This is where technology and e-commerce will play a vital role in engaging often remote communities and in some cases landlocked countries.

As a result, developing smart and internet based or enabled solutions and applying smart solutions are increasingly seen to address lack of connectivity and engagement to the global economic community.

This online course introduces the concept of creating a conducive environment for e-commerce, providing a regional context, and citing the trends that drive its growth. More importantly, participants will learn that simply using technologies is not the foundation of e-commerce, nor smart solutions. The course demonstrates the approach toward e-commerce-based technologies, alongside the components of digitalization. The course also provides a framework for entrepreneurs and practitioners a basis to develop a venture plan that can be used to raise capital for their e-commerce platform offering.

To bring these together in a practical application, the course features an analytical framework that outlines the steps to implement e-commerce-based technology enabled projects. Participants will appreciate the case studies integrated into the course, as well as the interactive portions and exercises at every module, which instil the knowledge and lessons to develop a venture plan for their own business. By guiding the development of an e-commerce initiative, participants of this course can help bring their communities closer to the desired goal of better quality of life for all citizens.

Snapshot of course :

Format: Self-paced

Duration: Approx. 2 hour per module / with 5 modules in total, followed by a “development of a venture plan” to develop as an assessment item.

Language: English / Kyrgyz and Russian (soon to be available in other select languages)

Learning Objectives

Understand the concept and approach to developing an e-commerce-based technology platform.

Take stock of the challenges and opportunities of cybercrime and technology limitations

Identify the layers that constitute the digital aspect of an e-commerce technologies

Become familiar developing a venture plan that allows students to better understand and implement an e-commerce strategy.

To better understand the implications of legal considerations in the development of an e-commerce strategy

Gain a holistic view of technology enabled e-commerce business by the use of real-life examples and case studies that not only guide, but also encourage and inspire the student’s development.


This course was developed by the Asian Development Bank’s select consultants, and in partnership with the Trade Policy Department in Ministry Economics of Kyrgyz Republic.

Is this Course for You?

This online course is primarily designed for mainly government officials, small to medium enterprises and entrepreneurs wishing to explore and expand their knowledge of e-commerce and digital technologies and the ability to connect their communities to the global commerce digital technology enabled platforms. The course is also relevant for other professionals engaged in technology investment, development partners, researchers and students, and others who are interested in applying digital solutions and to other applications within their organisation. The course would also appeal to the growing number of technology investors who may be looking to invest in scalable and potentially global businesses in the CAREC region.