Enabling A Conducive Environment for the Digital Economy in the Kyrgyz Republic Module 1


Overview of e-commerce digital technology, security, a landscape view

Understanding and gaining an overview of the e-commerce digital landscape, that is prevalent in the global community, and the risks associated with digital technologies.

  • Background to the internet
  • Growth and importance of the internet as an e-commerce tool
  • Electronic business and associated infrastructure
  • Internet and intranet benefits for e-commerce
  • The process of e-commerce transactions / functions of e-business
  • Challenges of digital / e-commerce and types of e-commerce
  • Opportunities of CAREC region in the use of e-commerce technologies
  • Scams on the internet and security concerns to be aware of.
  • Use Cases
  • Key take aways Conclusion
  • Extend your knowledge segment with useful cases studies, links and references