Chinese Best Practice in Cross-border E-commerce Session 1


To strengthen demand-driven knowledge sharing programs among CAREC countries on a systemic basis in priority areas of regional cooperation, the CAREC Institute, ADB-PRC Regional Knowledge Sharing Initiative and CATIS deliver this multi-session training to e-commerce professionals of worldwide tier-one Internet enterprises and e-commerce platforms.

Mr. Luo Jiaying, a Cross-Border E-Commerce Expert, delivered the first session on 5 March 2022. He provided a hand-on guidance for the operation of Cross-Border Ecommerce platforms such as AliExpress. Participants were shown practical examples to learn all steps needed to establish and run an online store.

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  • pdf 速卖通平台操作 AliExpress Operations Download


  1. where i can find the quiz?

    1. We ae preparing the quizzes, and will let you know once they are available.

      1. 1.AliExpress

  2. The English version of this is not complete.
    It covers only upto slide 88 but the whole presentation has 146 slides.

    1. Thank you for your attention.
      Due to some technical glitches, this session was recorded incompletely.

    2. Will the English version available here? Thank you.

      1. Yes, English version is available here.

  3. I didn’t find the quiz

    1. Please check the quiz under the tab “Certification”

  4. How can I reach to the English version of the sessions?

  5. I think AliExpress is the English version.

  6. To watch the English video, please click on the video with title in English

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