Chinese Best Practice in Cross-border E-commerce Session 17


In this session, Ms. Lazaro from ADB introduces two reports on e-commerce development which focuses on infrastructure development and laws & policies.

  1. E-Commerce in CAREC Countries: Infrastructure Development
  2. E-Commerce in CAREC Countries: Laws and Policies

Mr. Xu talks about cross-border logistics model and compliance.

  • pdf E-Commerce in CAREC Countries: Infrastructure Development and Laws and Policies Скачать
  • pdf Cross-border Logistics Model and Compliance Скачать


  1. As per my understanding, there will be 20 quizzes in total including 18 session quizzes and one mid term and one final term.
    However, session 18 is missing from the list. Kindly guide.

    1. There are 18 quizzes in total.

      1. We have 18 quizzes for cross-border e-commerce training, including midterm and final exam, please ignore the quiz(zes) not related to this topic.

  2. Is the certificate provided? I completed all the quizzes and passed out successfully but not got certificate.

    1. Thank you very much for your attention. The certificate will be issued based on your overall performance in the program.

  3. Thank you Gary for your reply. Could you Plasse inform the date when it will be acknowledged to participants? I tried to join the wechat certificate group but couldn’t join. Can you please include me? My WeChat account is: alam and ID: wxid_riqd7101251922

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