The Impact of COVID-19 on Tourism and Micro, Small, and Medium-sized Enterprises(MSME)in the CAREC region


This webinar looked specifically at how smaller firms coped with the pandemic and see what lessons can be learned for policymakers in the CAREC region. It will also help policymakers from the CAREC member countries and interested audiences to exchange views about the difficult circumstances in the economies during the pandemic and think about how to tackle the negative consequences of the current situation in the highlighted areas through a virtual expert roundtable discussion. The participants will be able to share their thoughts and questions with a panel of international experts and discuss the strengths and opportunities of the tourism sector, MSMEs, and e-commerce for the region.

  • pdf Harnessing the Role of Technology in Promoting Safe Tourism Destinations English Russian
  • pdf COVID-19 Impacts on MSMEs in the CAREC Region English Russian
  • pdf E-Commerce Infrastructure Development in the CAREC Countries English Russian

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